Community Outreach

The Community & The Landscape: One in the same. 


Latin communitas -

"things held in common"


Community and Connection

We understand the importance of connection with the community.

We also understand the importance of giving back to the community.

Since 2009, members of our staff have instituted a number of initiatives and participated with many others through the "Giving Back together" concept.


Giving Back...

act of giving money, goods or time to others


simultaneously - by combined action; as a unit, as a whole

This includes community-based landscape projects as well as corresponding in-person presentations and accompanying website initiatives.

Community Service Presentation

"Thank you so much for your presentation - it is not an exaggeration to say that your sincere words got everyone thinking - a number of us started brainstorming ways to spread the message before we even left... We would very much be honored if you would deliver our upcoming invocation at Forsgate Country Club.

Thank you again - I really think you and your website may hold the key to facilitating "giving back" for all our members..."


New Jersey Organization



Princeton Community Housing

Princeton, New Jersey

The Community Garden at Elm Court & Harriet Bryan House - also known as the "Libby Ranney Garden" - is for the senior residents and is a joint venture between Elm Court and Elm Court II - the Harriet Bryan House.


"The Community Garden, with new features including numerous raised planting beds, installation of wheelchair accessible table top planters and a new patio and pergola for garden workshops, is truly a symbol of the power of people working together for a common goal..."

Ed Truscelli


Attention to details

At each step of the way, for each and every phase, designing universally has been paramount.

Wheelchair accessible, the residents of the two facilities grow vegetables and flowers in their own garden plots.


After conferring with numerous residents in wheelchairs and after careful attention to measurements, an Enabling Station was created to include access to water at reachable height.

This included a vertical wall garden system.

Vertical Wall Planter
Vertical Wall Planter




Utilizing a modified serpentine concept, and raising the grade at mid-point 24", a final surface-grade across the 110' walkway from one end to the other at less then 5% was able to be achieved.

The walkway area was then carefully landscaped to include raising the soil beds on each side and lining the walkway itself with St. Johns Wort among other attractive plants. This serves the purpose of improving both the overall asestetics as well as provides a sense of safety.

Community-Enabling Garden

 "If only the world had more giving people like you, think of what a wonderful place it would be. Too many people think philanthropy consists of writing a check – giving your time and energy and creativity to this special project makes you and yours the greatest of all philanthropists!"


Princeton Community Housing

Princeton, NJ

Community Gardens:

Build neighborliness and sense of ownership in the garden and the community

Make productive use of urban vacant land, providing cooling, neighborhood composting and recycling of organic wastes to create soil, water filtration and absorption

Grow flowers and ornamental vegetables that beautify the neighborhood

Provide low-cost organic vegetables and herbs

Create a sense of pride and accomplishment and the empowerment of food self-sufficiency

Make a place for outdoor activities, exercise, recreation and therapy to alleviate stress

Have long been used as an additional form of healing for people who are ill and as activities for the mentally handicapped

Teach children about the environment and plants and about working with others

Give older people a way to be productive, interact with, and mentor /care for children

Provide the opportunities for everyone in a neighborhood to be able to interact and work together and learn about each other

Save money for people growing their own food

Help homeless people, and others in difficult situations, to regain their pride and sense of belonging to a community, learn skills and be productive for their own sake and the sake of the community.


The TEAM Community Garden is a symbol of the spirit of people working together for a most-special goal:

A TEAM effort, it's about engaging people; meeting them where they are; and building, making, growing, providing, creating, having, teaching, giving, saving, helping, together...